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Pages updated September, 2018.
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Read down the first column.

The corner of the front native garden in 2002, 
long before I moved in.

The same corner as above from a different angle. Several whips of F.magellanica and Brutus have been planted.

The most of the whips have turned into standards by February 2006, will be fully grown in a few months seen below in March 2006


The driveway and nearby gardens in 1999. I had just 
bought the house. 4 years later I moved in.

Above the front bed along the verandah planted with fuchsias April 2005

Below the same bed from a different angle December 2005

Lord Byron, Annabel, Joy Patmore, Voodo and Winston Churchill in background.

In front of the house October 2005, below March 2006

Near the front gate October 2005


         Left side of back garden

         Right side of back garden

         Centre of the back garden


Reconstructing the side garden 2013