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 The rear section of the centre part the back garden is the hottest and is now covered with 4 shade sails. One of the sails is almost horizontal and another attached to the back of the first one and shaped down to the fence to cut down the hot autumn and spring sun. As this fence is on the northern side of the garden it stops the low sun that was shining under the original sail. There is a park bench surrounded by rosemary, lavender and thyme, with a lovely view of all the fuchsias. There are 8 large purple ceramic pots containing trailing cultivars, the watering system waters these as well. A temporary piece of shade cloth was erected from the fence for a few weeks until it came down in a storm - luckily before the hot days returned the permanent sails were erected.


Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\web\wcentre2.jpg
Even though this photo was taken  July 2005 midwinter, there had been no frosts and everything was growing well.

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The centre section of the back garden, December 2005, the wet spring has made everything grow!

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A wider angle in March 2006

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         Left side of the back garden

         Right side of back garden

         Front garden

Reconstructing the side garden 2013