The side garden - changes 2013

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In December 2012 and January 2013 I completely re-did the garden beds on either side of the driveway. The main reason for this was that this was that I needed more room for fuchsias. A proposed trip to Fuchsia Fantasy in Tasmania in February will result in a car full of fuchsias, so space was needed to plant them. I removed 7 Azaleas and 4 roses to friend's gardens. I gave away all the fuchsias that I also had in other parts of the garden. Chopped down and dug up some very old large fuchsias. 

Above earlier photos
Below  January 2013 photos.The buried pots are where the new Fuchsias
will go, still some more holes to dig.


Above 2007, below January 2013 before work began. Note the 30 year
old “Brutus” in centre is no longer performing as it was, but it still takes
up a lot of space

Below, the same area ready to be planted.

Above a long time ago, below November 2012, left half of photos above and
below. Large very old Ambassador, as I have 2 standards of this cultivar
Both  6-8ft high I decided to have a change also this garden is hot as it only
gets shade in late afternoon and the driveway radiates heat so I have planted a
couple of standards a trimmed another into a standard to provide  some shade.

January 2013 ready for re-planting.



Visit the other parts of the garden.