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The left bed late 2010. 5 years after the first planting the 2 large gum trees, 2 huge pine trees, all planted in about 3 square metres in my neighbour’s garden all near the fence. They all depleted moisture and nutrients and the fuchsias were really suffering
I decided to build raised beds and line the with geotextile fabric (idea can from Gardening Australia, instructions for a raised vege bed near a tree).

So ALL the fuchsias had to be dug up and packed so they would survive 2-3 days it would take to do the work.

The finished beds, another was added in centre left of photo later, when the arch had been removed, watering system being installed

Plants being replaced, these were sorted so the least hardy ones would be under the new shade sails.

My neighbour finally agreed to have the 2 pine trees cut down so the other neighbour (in the yellow house and I paid and down they came. You can get an idea how tall the trees were the yellow house you can see on the left is 2 storeys high. A great relief as all three neighbours had gutters full of pine needles days after they were cleaned out.

New plants to fill in the gaps


2011, decided that I need a glass house so had to move 2 large azaleas I had moved from Woodford in 2003

Donna, dragging the huge azalea the whole length of the garden, only pruned it slightly as it was in bud, was flowering a survived the move well.

Donna and son Tom helped construct the new “flat pack “greenhouse. It has been great for winter propagating, especially in the last 2 wet winters.