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Links to other sites

Australian Fuchsia Society - link to the archived site, the society has sadly been wound up with no younger members joining to continue the marvellous work done over many years. I have been to one of their superb shows and had a great time.


Ivan Southall Australian cultivars


The Canberra Geranium and Fuchsia Society


Fuchsia Magic  This site has been designed to promote the beauty of these wonderful plants and to help with their identification.


Find That Fuchsia  Now with over 12,800 different named Fuchsias and over 1,750 Fuchsia photos.


Brenlissa Fuchsias  Specialist fuchsia nursery.


Mason's Fuchsia Fantasy  Specialist fuchsia nursery.


Jack & Joan Lamb's National Collection of Fuchsia Species  Wonderful photos and identification of species also the Lamb's garden and cultivation info.

Other peoples Fuchsia Links pages

Australian Fuchsia Society links page 

Fuchsia email groups and Forums

Fuchsias Lovers around The World   Welcome Fuchsia Lovers, wherever you are, from down under to John O'Groats, and all points in between. We invite to share with us your helpful hints, your favourites, what works for you, in growing Fuchsias.

Fuchsia Lore    For those people who, in addition to growing and enjoying fuchsia flowers, have an interest in collecting anything (whether antique or modern) with fuchsias on, including pottery, ceramics, glassware, paintings, drawings, jewellery, stamps, embroidery etc (fuchsia lore). 


A Fuchsia Forum

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         Barbara's fuchsia home page

o    Constructing a Fuchsia Garden

o    Growing standard and pillar Fuchsias

o    Growing Fuchsias in the ground PDF print-friendly version

o    Growing Bush Fuchsias

o    Pruning  

o    Propagating 

o    Where to buy Fuchsias in Australia

o    Open Fuchsia Garden

o    Fuchsia Fanciers, Australia


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