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Personal details

November12, 1852

Manchester, England

January 23, 1941

High Salvington, Worthing, England

Other pseudonym:
Julian Ross

The name 'John Oxenham' was taken from Charles Kingsley’s novel Westward Ho!

* According to 'Twentieth Century Authors', it was believed that our subject may have changed his name to 'John Oxenham' by official deed poll.

real name
William Arthur Dunkerley*

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William Dunkerley attended Old Trafford School and Victoria University in Manchester. As a businessman, he lived in France for a time, but upon returning to England he took up writing full time. He was an expert mountain climber, and served as deacon and teacher at the Euling Congregational Church in London, and was of course the father of famous children's author, Elsie J Oxenham.

From http://www.cyberhymnal.org who want the location of his burial place and photograph.

Please see NOTES below for partial listings and other information received. Thanks for those who've contacted me.

A comprehensive article on JO, including book list, appeared in THIS ENGLAND magazine, Summer 1988 issue.

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Bees in Amber is probably his most famous book, by dint of the publishing history. His publishers had no desire to see it in print so JO printed the book at his own expense in 1913; the publishers did distribute it through the trade. More than a quarter of a million copies had been sold by the beginning of WW2.

NOTES (In date order down)

November, 2002
DLG writes: You asked for any further materials anyone might have on John Oxenham. I recently purchased  the "Selected Poems of John Oxenham, published in 1948. It includes a Preface titled:  "J. O." - A Biographical Sketch, by Erica Oxenham." Erica Oxenham is his daughter, so it would seem that he may in fact changed his name legally.  If I can help you with further information, please let me know. The following books were listed as well.
"Gentlemen -- the King!"  Copyright, 1928, by The Pilgrim Press
"The Fiery Cross"   Copyright, 1917, by George H. Doran Co.; renewed 1947, by Erica Oxenham.
"A Little Te Deum of the Commonplace"  Copyright, 1928, by The Pilgrim Press
"Later Te Deums"  Copyright, 1928, by The Pilgrim Press
"Sacraments"  Copyright, 1928, by The Pilgrim Press
"Te Deums and Sacraments" Copyright, 1932, by The Pilgrim Press
"The Vision Spendid"  Copyright, 1918, by George H. Doran Co.; renewed, 1947, by Erica Oxenham.

February, 2003
Bridget Scurfield of Avenue Books, 1 The Avenue, Cliftonville, Northampton, NN1 5BT, England, UK (Avenue Books specialises in books on Africa & Colonial Connections, Exploration and Travel, Children's Fiction, Aviation & Military History - JT) writes:

John Oxenham most famous daughter was of course Elsie Jeanette Oxenham, prolific author, whose books, particularly "The Abbey Girl" series are highly collectable. A quick look at http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/ct/reality.html mentions her father John Oxenham and also gives links to other very informative websites.

I have in my collection 3 of John Oxenham's books which list various of his other titles - you probably have them by now, but if not I've listed them below.

Novels: (All of these must have been published pre-1916, as the book listing them was published that year.)

God's Prisoner
Rising Fortunes
Our Lady of Deliverance
A Princess of Vascovy
John of Gerisau
Under the Iron Flail
Bondman Free
Mr Joseph Scorer
Barbe of Grand Bayou
A Weaver of Webs
Hearts of Exile
The Gate of the Desert
White Fire
Giant Circumstance
Profit and Loss
The Long Road
Carette of Sark
Pearl of Pearl Island
The Song of Hyacinth
My Lady of Shadows
Great-heart Gillian
A Maid of the Silver Sea
The Coil of Carne
Their High Adventure
Queen of the Guarded Mounts
Mr Cherry
The Quest of the Golden Rose
Mary All-Alone
Red Wrath
Maid of the Mist
Broken Shackles
Flower of the Dust
My Lady of the Moor

Bees in Amber
"All's Well!"
The King's High Way [First 1916]
Hymn for the Men at the Front

The Recollections of Roderic Fyfe
The Loosing of the Lion's Whelps
Corner Island
A Hazard in the Blue
The Perilious Lovers
Chaperon to Cupid
Scala Sancta
The Hawk of Como


The Vision Splendid [pre 1927]
The Fiery Cross [pre 1927]
High Altars [pre 1927]
Hearts Courageous [pre 1927]
Policeman X [pre 1927]
"All Clear!" [pre 1927]
Winds of the Dawn [pre 1927]
The Man who would Save the World [pre 1927]
A Little Te Deum [pre 1927]
The Later Te Deum [pre 1927]
The Sacraments [pre 1927]
Chaos - and the Way Out [pre 1927]
"Gentlemen - The King [pre 1927]
The Wonder of Lourdes [pre 1927]
The Cedar Box [pre 1927]
Selected Poems [pre 1927]
The Hidden Years [pre 1927]
God's Candle
The Splendour of the Dawn
A Saint in the Making
Anno Domini
God and Lady Margaret
Christ and the Third Wise Man

July, 2003
See SOME THOUGHTS ON JOHN OXENHAM AND A FEW OF HIS BOOKS by Dorothy Waterhouse in #44, May 2003, issue of THE ABBEY CHRONICLE. See the clubs page for details of this magazine.

July, 2008
The Argosy, May 1927, contains a 10-page JO short story, "The Episode of Captain Barnacle".

December, 2008
There's a German Edition of at least one volume of John Oxenham's books. Unfortunately I don't know the English title of the book. You can find the bibliographic information and a scan (sorry for the bad quality) of the title on my website:
Greetings from Germany

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