AUSTRALIA'S MAESTRO OF THE THEATRE ORGAN and occasionally, the piano, WILBUR KENTWELL, 1914-1981, ex-Parramatta High School student. Wilbur's many albums include the Echoes of Hollywood series Columbia, MGM, RKO, Paramount.

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ALBUM TITLES in bold text will be found illustrated below.
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Column 1 - record size inches Column 2 - speed Column 3 - company, catalogue ref, title and other details
10 78 Parlophone A7813* - The Continental / These Foolish Things
10 78 Parlophone A7823* - Louise / Sleepy Time Gal
10 ? Evergreens of Rogers and Hart
10 ? A Two-Piano Recital of Medleys
10 33 Columbia 330s-7559 A Little Bit of Heaven, Ten Songs of Ireland, sung by Darryl Stewart.
12 33 Camden VCL1- 0004 - Wilbur Kentwell at the Conn Theatre Organ (1973) see RCA cams 145
12 33 Camden VCL1-0040 - On a Clear Day (1974)
12 33 RCA VAL 1 0093 - Wilbur Kentwell at the Conn Theatre Organ plays Night and Day The Music of Cole Porter (1975)
12 33 Columbia 330sx7562 Salute to Al Jolson
12 33 Columbia 330sx7563 Organ Grinder's Swing
12 33 Columbia 330sx7564 Get Rhythm in Your Feet
12 33 Columbia 330sx7567 Wilbur Kentwell Plays Astaire and Rogers
12 33 Columbia 330sx7576 Echoes of Hollywood Vol.1 20th Century Fox (reish.330ex9389), WRI 7059
12 33 Columbia 330sx7577 Echoes of Hollywood Vol.2 MGM
12 33 Columbia 330sx7578 Echoes of Hollywood Vol.3 Paramount Pictures
12 33 Columbia 330sx7580 Echoes of Hollywood Vol.5 RKO, with Reg Robinson, WRI PLE/830
12 33 Columbia 330sx7619 Go West Young Man (with Neil Williams)
12 33 Columbia 330sx7621 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Jerome Kern)
12 33 Columbia 330sx7624 Spring is Here (Rogers and Hart)
12 33 RCA cams145 Wilbur Kentwell At the Conn Theatre Organ
12 33 RCA cams153 It Had to be You
12 33 RCA cams166 Organ Contrasts Wilbur Kentwell (1970 ?)
12 33 RCA cams 185 I'll Walk with God
12 33 RCA vcl 1 3334 (Camden) You're My Everything
12 33 Festival fl.31644 Stay as Sweet as You Are (Harry Revel and Mack Gordon)
12 33 mfp mfpa.8043 Wilbur Kentwell Plays Film Hits at the Hammond Organ, with Cyril Bevan (drums)
12 33 Diaphon dpw.1 Richard Rogers Album
10 33 Diaphon dpr.2 Gershwin Album V.1
10 33 Diaphon dpr.3 Gershwin Album V.2
10 33 Diaphon dpr.5 Showboat / Lovely to Look At
10 33 Columbia 330s.7550 Wilbur Kentwell's Party No.1
10 33 Columbia 330s.7551 Wilbur Kentwell's Party No.2
10 33 Columbia 330s.7552 Care to Dance? with Glenn Marks
10 33 Columbia 330s.7556 Under the Southern Cross
10 33 Columbia 330s.7557 Relax and Listen with Glenn Marks
10 33 Columbia 330s.7561 May I have the Pleasure (piano)
7 33 Columbia sego.7226 To Mother with Love
12 33 RCA val 1.0.332 Wilbur Kentwell At the Console of the Christie Organ (1981) Kelvin Gr HS, Brisbane
12 33 RCA Victor SL101957 With Grateful Admiration
The above table is not yet in date order; grouped by company and reference.
* WK on Hammond organ, piano and ? Al Vincent on drums and vibrophone, Bruce Higginbotham string bass.
10-inch, Showboat Selections 12-inch, Wilbur Kentwell At the Conn Theatre Organ 10-inch, A Little Bit of Heaven. 12-inch, With Grateful Admiration
12-inch, You're My Everything 12-inch, Echoes of Hollywood,
original release
12-inch, It Had to be You 12-inch, Wilbur Kentwell Plays
Film Hits at the Hammond Organ
12-inch, Stay as Sweet as You Are 12-inch, Organ Contrasts
Wilbur Kentwell
12-inch, Wilbur Kentwell at the
Conn Theatre Organ
12-inch, Richard Rogers Album
12-inch, Organ Grinder's Swing 12-inch, Echoes of Hollywood,
Encore series re-release
12-inch, Wilbur Kentwell Plays
Astaire and Rogers
12-inch, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
12-inch, Get Rhythm in Your Feet 12-inch, Spring is Here Echoes of Hollywood, RKO,
WRI re-release
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, beautifully restored 78 on YouTube.
Stephen's Wilbur restorations on YouTube.

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