The Bill, Roberta 'Robbie' Cryer played by Moya Brady, 'The Bill' was the longest-running British police series. Updated 24th May, 2015.

Roberta 'Robbie' Cryer
Sun Hill Police Station Reception Officer
First UK Appearance: August, 2002

Roberta 'Robbie' Cryer was Sun Hill's retired Sgt Bob Cryer's niece. Roberta, to use her given name, was raised by foster parents, her own parents having been killed by a drunken driver on a pedestrian crossing. Despite being struck a glancing blow at the time while in her baby carriage, Roberta suffered no lasting physical damage. She was fostered by Ron and Jean Monroe who gave her a loving family upbringing with their own three boys, Andrew, Lloyd and John, in Blackpool. The boys were good-natured if rough and ready and not unusually, Robbie as we will now call her, spent most of her early life in boyish pursuits.

The three boys all joined the Met and because of this, Robbie attempted to follow suit. She was unable to pass the physical due to undisclosed reasons. The family sent her to Australia, figuring this would give her time to think about a future which wouldn't include policing. Robbie travelled the length and breadth of Australia and did indeed land a job in the Commonwealth Police. After probation, during which time most of her service was spent at airports along the Eastern Coast, she was seconded by a state police service and used for undercover 'stings', her outgoing manner enabling her to talk her way into - and out of - many dangerous situations.

After one particularly dangerous - and classified - event, Robbie decided to return to England for a short holiday. As it was necessary for her not to disclose her previous occupation, she told the family that she had 'bummed around', working in bars and other jobs on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. This really wasn't so far from the truth! With the sudden death of a much-loved family member, Robbie contacted her old boss in Australia and asked what she could do, using the talents she had acquired downunder. Her boss apparently contacted an opposite number in London and suggested that she take a menial position in the area until something closer to where the event had taken place could be organised.

And so, Robbie applied for the position of receptionist at 'Soft'n'Sure', tissue and toilet paper manufacturers. She spent much of her spare time in the Sun Hill area, unofficially 'undercover'; familiarising herself with the area; the people, the villains and officialdom. Uncle Bob now came into the picture, his early work outside of the Met having left him with a high security clearance and following the explosion at Sun Hill, brought his long-dormant talents to the attention at the very highest level of government. Robbie's boss having made contact at about the same time, it was decided that she should be made use of.

A previous attempt to run a 'sting' at Sun Hill hadn't been particularly successful, so it was decided that Robbie would make better progress as a civilian at the front desk. This is after all, the hub of a police station. With the death of Tom Chandler, Robbie's new bosses suggest she form a relationship with Webb, he being the 'loose canon' according to Jack Meadows, the only officer within Sun Hill to be privy to Robbie's 'sting'. Uncle Bob, though, has doubts about Jack, and as Robbie's contact, suggests that she not put too much faith in Jack's reliability. Time will put this theory to the test ...

Much later ... We lost Robbie from Sun Hill and more's the pity. Maybe she and Uncle Bob will set up their own PI business?

Moya Brady is a versatile Northern actor who first appeared in 'The Bill' in the mid-1980s. Other TV appearances include 'Nature Boy', 'Gimme Gimme Gimme', 'My Hero', 'AandE' and 'Making Out'. Movies include 'Life is Sweet', 'The Changeling', 'The Emperor's New Clothes' and 'Little Dorritt'. Ads include Cadburys, Head and Shoulders, Playtex, Vodaphone and Woolworths.
Moya Brady lives in South London and has done theatre including a West End production of The Medea.
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