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Ward Lock Regal series of film tie-ins
TV Tie-ins

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HARRY WARREN No other composer can match his record for the 25 year period between 1932 and 1957, when he was employed by all four major studios when they were specializing in musicals.
CLASSIC IMAGES, the American Movie Classic Magazine
REID'S 'FILM INDEX', Australia's and the world's best regularly published hardcopy guide to classic movies. 

Movie tie-ins have likely enough been with us since the birth of the motion picture. American publisher Grosset & Dunlap produced many tie-in novels based on silent movies in the 1920s. I've none from this period in jackets but all contain fine b/w photos taken from the movie of the same name. Unlike most TV TIE-INS which usually take the form of a novel based on a TV series, pre-1960 movie tie-ins were usually a reprint of an existing novel (or stage play, as for example, in the case of Channing Pollock's 'The Fool') with b/w photo plates and a special jacket.

Many tie-ins of the silent period featured now long-forgotten stars. The more desirable are those based on original screenplays featuring the great comedians of the time: Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, and of course Harold Lloyd. Russell Holman's dedication to Harold Lloyd in his tie-in to the latter's 'The Freshman' makes clear his admiration for Lloyd's performance: To Harold Lloyd, whose genius makes 'The Freshman' live upon the screen move vividly than one could hope to catch him between the covers of a book; and of whom Will H Hays so truthfully said: "He couldn't make anything but fine, wholesome pictures if he would; and he wouldn't if he could.""

Probably the most collectable tie-ins are those from Shirley Temple's and Judy Garland's movies of the 1930s. Not to mention those based on the big two movies of the late 1930s, 'Gone With the Wind' and 'The Wizard of Oz'. During the 1930s the more popular movies generated dozens of tie-ins apart from the novel. There were story books for children in different formats: versions for very young children ('nursery' books), the 7-10 age bracket and teenagers. Painting books, paper doll books, books on the stars themselves, cookery books; the list is almost endless for the two big movies mentioned. For 'Wizard of Oz' collectors, you should pick up a copy of Fricke's 'Wizard of Oz The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History'.

The Second World War saw a decline in the tie-in market but novels continued to be produced on a regular basis. It's always worth checking copies for autographs, not necessarily on the front endpapers or title page. I've found autographs on pages well to the back of such books. British and Australian publishers also produced tie-in novels, not always to the level of quality which came from America. Different artists were usually used for the jackets as a cost-cutting measure in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s. I've a copy of Roy Chanslor's 'Johnny Guitar', published by Robert Hale in 1954, and the jacket is not what you'd call exciting. Joan Crawford (a fine likeness) is almost submerged by a poorly executed Sterling Hayden. The artwork is not credited and it seems likely that two illustrations by two artists were combined by an art editor with a glaring lack of taste!

And then of course there were MOVIE ANNUALS, mostly from England.

There are numerous books about movie stars, the best being autobiographies by the stars themselves, the worst being so-called 'show and tell' tales which often leave a bad taste in one's mouth. Occasionally a family member will produce something special and one of the few I can recommend is LOU'S ON FIRST (St Martin's Press, NY, 1981). This is the unforgettable story of Lou Costello's life and times, recounted by his youngest daughter, Chris Costello. Tragic, funny, weird and wonderful; the story of Hollywood life in the 1940s and early 1950s.  

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An often seen series of movie tie-in books of the early 1950s. Usually contain 8 colour plates
THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD 3 versions; 8, 16 and 32 colour plates
Are there any other titles? This list taken from a dustjacket.

Selected REFERENCE Works and arguably the BEST Movie Books of All Time.
Use the ISBN number to locate copies at your library. This list is ongoing.
Author / title / publisher / date / ISBN (order by author surname)
Forrest J. Ackerman: WORLD OF SCIENCE FICTION, Aurum, 1997/8, isbn 1 85410 573 6
Adair& Roddick: A NIGHT AT THE PICTURES [10 DECADES OF BRITISH FILM], Columbus, 1985, isbn 0 86287 188 3
Richard Anobile: ALIEN - movie novel, Future, 1979 isbn 0788 1688 6
Richard Anobile: WHO'S ON FIRST?, Darien, 1974, isbn 0 517 138778
Alan Barbour: CLIFFHANGER [The Serial], A&W, 1977, isbn 0 89104 070 6
Alan Barbour: DAYS OF THRILLS AND ADVENTURE, MacMillan, 1970, isbn nk
Alan Barbour: A THOUSAND AND ONE DELIGHTS, Collier-MacMillan, 1971, isbn nk
Behlmer & Thomas: HOLLYWOOD'S HOLLYWOOD, Citadel, 1975 [79 pb], isbn 0 8065 0680 6
Ronald Bergan: GLAMOROUS MUSICALS, Octopus, 1984, isbn 0 7064 2550 2
Daniel Blum: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE SILENT SCREEN, Spring 1955, isbn na
Daniel Blum: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF TALKIES, Spring 1958, isbn na
Simon Brand: PICTURE PALACES AND FLEA-PITS [80 Years of Australians at the Pictures], Dreamweaver, 1983, isbn 0 949825 03 4
Frank Coffey: ALWAYS HOME [50 Years of the USO], Brassey's, 1991, isbn 0 08 040576 2
Bill Collins: BOOK OF MOVIES, Cassell, 1977, isbn 0 7269 1369 3
John Eames: THE MGM STORY [50th Anniversary], Octopus, 1975, isbn 0 904230 14 7
John Eames: THE PARAMOUNT STORY, Octopus, 1985, isbn 0 7064 2057 8
George Eels: HEDDA & LOUELLA (1972) Dual biography of Hollywood columnists Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons. From their childhood through to the golden years of Hollywood in the 30s and 40s, and beyond, this bio gives a comprehensive overview of the stars and their hangers-on. Always interesting, often surprising, even shocking, you will find this 340+ page book holds your attention from start to finish. Recommended. (JT 7.10)
Bill Feret: LURE OF THE TROPIX [The Tropic Temptress in Films, Serials and Comics] , Proteus, London, 1984, isbn 0 86276 281 2
Joel Finler: THE HOLLYWOOD STORY, Octopus, 1988, isbn 0 7064 2866 8
P. Fox-Sheinwood: GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, Bell [Crown], 1981, isbn 0 517 335077
John Fricke et al: THE WIZARD OF OZ [50th Anniversary], Warner, 1989, isbn 0 446 51446 2
Griffith & Mayer: THE MOVIES, Spring, 1957, isbn na
Phil Hardy: SCIENCE FICTION [film sourcebook], Morrow, 1984, isbn 0 688 00842 9
Heide & Gilman: STARSTRUCK [Movie Memorabilia], Doubleday, 1986, isbn 0 385 19795 0
S & M. Hibbin: WHAT A CARRY ON [30th Anniversary], Hamlyn, 1988, isbn 0 600 55819 3
Clive Hirschhorn: THE HOLLYWOOD MUSICAL, Octopus, 1981, isbn 0 7064 1280 x
Clive Hirschhorn: THE COLUMBIA STORY, Pyramid, 1989, isbn 1 871307 87 2
Clive Hirschhorn: THE WARNER BROS. STORY, Octopus, 1979, isbn 0 7064 0797 0
Clive Hirschhorn: THE UNIVERSAL STORY, Octopus, 1983, isbn 0 7064 2731 9
Holliss & Sibley: THE DISNEY STUDIO STORY, Octopus, 1988, isbn 0 7064 3040 9
Jewell & Harbin: THE RKO STORY, Octopus, 1982, isbn 0 7064 1285 0
Jones & McClure & Twomey: CHARACTER PEOPLE, Citadel USA (Barnes, 1976) isbn 0 8065 0669 5
Garson Kanin: GREAT HOLLYWOOD TEAMS, A&R, Sydney, 1981, isbn 0207 14659 4
Arleen Keylin: HOLLYWOOD ALBUM 2 (and 1) [obituaries from The New York Times], Arno, 1979, isbn 0 405 10311 5 (1), 0 405 12416 3 (2)
Kidder & Daniels: MARILYN MONROE unCOVERS, Quon, 1994, isbn 0 9695539 7 8
John Kobal: GOTTA SING GOTTA DANCE, Hamlyn, 1970, isbn 0 600 03126 8
Lloyd & Robinson: MOVIES OF THE FORTIES, Orbis, 1982/4, isbn 0 85613 661 1
Leonard Maltin: THE GREAT MOVIE SHORTS, Bonanza, 1972, isbn 0 517 504553
H & M Medved: THE 50 WORST MOVIES OF ALL TIME, A&R, 1979, isbn 0 207 14521 0
Morella & Epstein: JUDY, Citadel, 1969, isbn8 8065 0206 1
David Quinlan: THE ILLUSTRATED DIRECTORY OF FILM STARS, Batsford, London, 1981, isbn 0 7134 3891 6
PARRISH, Robert: GROWING UP IN HOLLYWOOD (1976) Bob Parrish, perhaps better known as a director, began as a child actor in Hollywood. His matter of fact recollections, gleaned from a photographic memory, put the reader there with him as he takes directions from some of the greats of Hollywood including Charlie Chaplin and John Ford. This is without a doubt the best collection of Hollywood memories ever penned. By the time you reach the final few chapters, you will be wishing for another book to follow and there was. That's another story, and another review. Top recommendation. (JT 6.10)
Danny Peary: ALTERNATIVE OSCARS, S&S, 1993, isbn 0 671 71239 x
Paul Rotha: MOVIE PARADE, The Studio, 9/1936, isbn na
Ted Sennett: HOLLYWOOD'S GOLD YEAR, 1939, St. Martin's, 1989, isbn 0 312 03361 3
Siegel & Suares: ALIEN CREATURES, Harper & Row, 1978, isbn nk
Neil Sinyard: THE FILMS OF STEVEN SPIELBERG, Bison, 1986, 0 86124 352 8
Neil Sinyard: THE FILMS OF WOODY ALLEN, Bison, 1987, 0 86124 353 6
John Springer: ALL TALKING! ALL SINGING! ALL DANCING!, Citadel, 1966, isbn nk
Penny Stallings: FLESH AND FANTASY, St. Martin's, 1978 isbn 0 517 336502
John Taylor: GREAT MOVIE MOMENTS, Octopus, 1987, isbn 1 85029 133 0
Tony Thomas: THE FILMS OF THE FORTIES, Citadel, 1975 [77 pb], isbn 0 8065 0571 0
Tony Thomas and Aubrey Solomon: THE FILMS OF 20TH CENTURY FOX, Citadel, USA, 1979, isbn 0 8065 0719 5
Thomas & Terry & Berkeley: THE BUSBY BERKELEY BOOK, Thames & Hudson, London, 1973, isbn 0 500 011125
Twomey & McClure: THE VERSATILES (Character actors 1930-55) Castle or Barnes, USA 1969
Mark Vaz: THE WAY THE FUTURE WAS LOST IN SPACE, HarperPrism, 1998, isbn 0 06 105392 9
Jon Warren: WARREN'S MOVIE POSTER PRICE GUIDE, Harmony, 1986, isbn 0 517 56167 0
Bill Yenne: THE LEGEND OF ZORRO, Bison, 1991, isbn 0 86124 904 6

Below you'll find listed (in date order) some of my favourite articles from various movie publications: Australian, American and English. This is ongoing, so the list will take a while to expand.
Author / title / publication* / date
Eddie Kessler: JACK ARNOLD, in
Horror Fan (US), Summer 1989
Winick, Charles: THE FACE WAS FAMILIAR in
Films and Filming (UK), January 1965 (The demise of the character actor.)

FILM SHOW ANNUAL and NEW FILM SHOW ANNUAL (UK) See annual illustrated above far right.
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Requires information on dating these otherwise undated annuals published in the 1950s and possibly 1960s.