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HBC #39

HBC #39
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Canadian edition
Date: 22/04/07 12:25:32 AUS Eastern Standard Time
From: wdeussing@sympatico.ca (Wolfgang Deussing)
In March of 2002 I acquired from a Salvation Army store a "First Edition New Series Howard Baker Greyfriars Library Book.1" titled "Billy Bunter gets the boot". On page 6 the following information stated: Canadian Paperback edition 1989 Distributed exclusively in Canada by Edco Sales, Suite 900, 2 Sheppard Ave. E., Willowdale Ontario Canada M2N 5Y7 Printed in Canada by Webcom Ltd., Scarborough, Ontario, Copyright: HOWARD BAKER PRESS LIMITED 1980 S.O.L. No. 143 @The Amalgamated Press, ISBN: 0 7030 0146 9. A HOWARD BAKER BOOK Greyfairs (sic) Press Books are published by Howard Baker Press Ltd., 27a Arterberry Road, Wimbledon, London SW20. Typesetting by Triste Ltd. Croydon, Surrey. Any contact with the Canadian address above in the attempt to get other Billy Bunter books failed.

Having been a teacher myself, I feel that Frank Richards must have been an instructor to be familiar with so many typical problems encountered by both staff and students. These seem to be eternal ! Reading of chapter 28 of this volume is absolutely delicious and most pertinent as I myself have been in quite a similar situation many times. It’s also evidence that certain negative traits seem to run in the family! And true to the style of the modern education system (which would definitely
tend to ban any Billy Bunter books from its libraries), after all the ugly mess which fatuous "little Billy" has caused, he is gloriously kept on in the end. There and then it was to keep the story going!

This is almost a modern novel !

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