'Folly', being Fans of Light Literature for the Young. "A rare and sometimes peculiar yet engrossing treat during dark and stormy nights in foreign parts".(John)

The Folly Index, issues 1 - 40
Page finalised 9th October, 2010.

A "must" for all those who love, read & collect children’s books, and especially girls’ school stories. If you collect:  Elinor Brent-Dyer, Antonia Forest, Elsie Oxenham, Clare Mallory, Monica Edwards or Dorita Fairlie Bruce, just to name a few you will find something to interest you.

I have put my comments in red so you can see what has been added. - Barbara
I've put mine in orange. - John

Folly (Fans Of Light Literature for the Young) - Folly is not a fanzine, though fans read it. It’s not a scholarly journal, though it publishes original research. It’s not simply a frivolous bit of froth, though there’s plenty to make you laugh. It has elements of all these things, and tries to provide a mix of them every four months.

Folly was founded for lovers of children's books, and especially girls’ school stories, by Belinda Copson and Sue Sims, who still edits the magazine. We’ve had articles about many school story writers, from Elinor M.Brent-Dyer to Antonia Forest and from Nancy Breary to Evelyn Smith. We’ve had short stories, poems, lots of articles on collecting, and plenty of silly pictures and competitions. It’s surprising how much one can get into 48 A5 pages.

The editors of Folly have kindly provided their index so you can easily locate more information on your favourite authors or books.

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I have included the complete index provided (in black)  - which is for issues 1-20 and will gradually add comments (to give you more information) and the major articles from subsequent issues. This will all take time so I hope you find the present information enough for now. As a rule the items followed by (article) contain substantial information on the topic.

Index Compiled by Molly Lofas

First, the bad news
Generally, books are listed by authors, not titles, Furthermore, I have not indexed individual contributors.
Doesn't matter here - just do a "FIND" to locate the author or title you want. Or browse to find out just how much there really is in FOLLY.
How it works
References are Folly number in bold-page number in standard: so 11-13 means Folly 11 page 13. 11-13-15 means Folly 11, pages 13-15. 11-13, 15 means Folly 11, pages 13 and 15. CS means "Christmas Special". Book, article and periodical title are in italics.

Articles are listed by title: e.g.

Things do so happen to us: A study of the Lockett Stories by M.E.Atkinson (article: contributor in brackets) X-yy
and also by the author referred to, e.g. Atkinson, M E (article) X-yy, and then any other entries.

Unfortunately I have somehow managed to change the book titles that appeared in italics back to normal print; sorry about that. And I have lost the formatting which indents sub-titles, sorry!

But you won’t normally find separate entries for each book referred to within an article. The cryptic phrase (inc bib) means that the article includes a bibliography. You will find separate entries for some books by the same author, depending on the context of the reference (for example, a plot summary in Letters and Queries would be referenced, but not a quiz answer).

In general, the contributors’ names are given only following the actual title of their piece, and not under the author entry. There are certain exceptions to this: where there are two articles on the same author by different contributors, the latters’ names are given in both title and author entry, e.g: Jam Tomorrow (article: Sarah Burns) 17~37  Redlich, Monica (article inc bib: Sheila Ray) 6~23; (article: Sarah Burns) 17~37

and where the article has no title other than its subject’s name, contributors are listed under the author entry, e.g: Smith, Evelyn; (article: Hilary Clare) 5~22; (article, inc bib: Hilary Clare) 16~3~8 & 17~3~8

Reviews are listed by the author of the work under review; so don’t look up Behind the Chalet School under B, look up McClelland, H instead; or under Reviews in the Rs.

Pseudonyms caused a bit of a problem but should all be cross-referenced, normally to the name we are used to; but don’t take that as gospel.

Hyphenated names are listed by the first name, so you will find EBD under B for Brent-Dyer; double-barrelled names are listed by the last name, so you will find DFB under B for Bruce

Caution needs to be used when looking up references to Folly 20; as the Index and no.20 were being finished simultaneously, there had to be a certain amount of guesswork as to which pages the references would be on after the pictures had been inserted. Page numbers may occasionally be one out in either direction—no more than that.



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*This index runs from the first issue to ?