Ephemera; paper throwaways, leaflets, menus, packaging, tickets, brochures and a thousand and one other items.

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Ephemera by definition is/are those everyday articles which once used are (or were, before recycling) thrown away. Boxes, menus, postcards, any type of container or wrap, and so on. If your collecting interests come under the banner of 'ephemera' you should consider joining an ephemera society in your country.

For Australian collectors, there exists The Ephemera Society of Australia Inc., based in Victoria.
Inquiries can be directed to: PO Box 927, Templetowe VIC 3106, or to ruskinshiell@bigpond.com

For New Zealand collectors, there now exists The NZ Ephemerist. Copies of the first edition, published this autumn, are still available. Articles featured include: Identity documents, Early 20th Century NZ Art Ephemera, Southern Hemisphere Christmas Greeting Cards, Emergency Preparedness Ephemera and Isabel's Book. This well produced journal carries illustrations in colour with other 'Individual Items' - Southern Cross Exercise Book, and Opera handbill, plus notes and other useful information. Subscriptions $45 p.a. in New Zealand and details of overseas subscriptions can be found on their website www.newzealandephemerist.org All enquiries by post to The New Zealand Society of Ephemerists, PO Box 22504, Christchurch 8142. More details from editor@newzealandephemerist.org 1208

Ephemera Fair dates can be found on our FAIRS page, if I've been advised of same.

Sydney's two great Department Stores, Anthony Hordern's and Grace Bros, put out wonderful internal magazines and mail order catalogues prior to the Second World War. These are highly sought after but difficult to find nowadays in good condition. Collecting ephemera relating to either of these stores can become a hobby in itself.

Of interest to collectors reading our site, the insert below came from an English girl's novel of the 1920s, the ticket above likewise. It was for a long-gone cinema once located in Railway Square, George Street, Sydney, NSW

Australian Dulux paint catalogue from 1955, full of bright ideas and essential for anyone restoring a 1950s house to original condition.

Above is a trade card book from the 1940s. The cards came in packets of Vita Brits cereals.

1950s Australian song book

Above is a Ginger Meggs song sheet of the 1930s.

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