bc RTA Official FAQ (2007)

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is a New South Wales Government agency responsible for major road infrastructure, licensing of drivers, and registration of motor vehicles. The RTA directly manages State roads and provides funding to local councils for regional and local roads. In addition, with assistance from the Federal Government, the RTA also manages the NSW national highway system.

The organisation [was] the result of an amalgamation of the Department of Main Roads (DMR), Department of Motor Transport (DMT) and the Traffic Authority (TA) that occurred in January 1989.

a.. Manages 4787 bridges and 17,623 km of State Roads including 3105 km of National Highways.
b.. employs 6900 staff in more than 180 offices throughout NSW, including 129 Motor Registries Offices.
RTA's NSW is divided up into 6 regions, and these are described in general terms below.

a.. Sydney region encompasses the area of Sydney and the Blue Mountains.
b.. Hunter Region encompasses the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and the southern portion of the Mid-North Coast
c.. Northern Region extends from about Taree to the QLD border, and goes as far inland as Tamworth
d.. Southern Region encompasses the land south east of the ACT and Wollongong/Illawarra
e.. South West Region encompasses essentially the land west of the ACT to the SA border, extending from the Murray up to around West Wyalong
f.. The RTA is also responsible for drivers licences in New South Wales. Additionally the RTA has made photo cards for identification of non-drivers.

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