Bilda-brix, the 1950s Australian plastic brick construction outfit, manufactured by Playmate, moulded by Moulded Products (Australasia) Limited. Also incorrectly known as Buildabrix, Bildabrix, Buildabricks and Bildabricks.
."For GOOD Girls and Boys"
The 1950s Australian construction outfit
Sold under the PLAYMATE Toys logo in Australia..
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Size comparison with Tri-ang Arkitex
Freelance models | Set no.2 and LETTERS
Date of availability New
Manufactured by Moulded Products (Australasia) Ltd and Downs & Poole Ltd, Merton St, Trentham, New Zealand
Another icon of my childhood in the 1950s, and one that has lasted the distance. Although the above set was picked up in 2006 on eBay, my original set's whereabouts is known (g'day, Pete) and I have a spare instruction book. The above set is a NUMBER 1. (Parts list for no.1 below.) Much harder to find is the larger NUMBER 2 set and the 1A, which makes up to the 1 set. There was a smaller, JUNIOR set which I've not seen outside of the net. A scan appears below right of the box.

There were FOUR or more variations of the red plastic, and TWO or more of white. Possibly the darker versions came later. See David's American Plastic Bricks photos via the link above which raise yet more questions.

DATE OF AVAILABILITY: When were the sets available new?
I've located several Hobbyco catalogues from the mid-20th Century. Hobbyco was one of Australia's biggest and best hobby and toy shops. It still exists in Sydney but in the 1950s and 1960s, it was the place to spend endless hours, looking at fabulous displays of toys you couldn't afford! It was one of two Sydney toy shops [that I know of] which issued a catalogue, the other being Walther and Stevenson's, further north up George Street, Sydney. Both stores were on two levels, crammed full of model trains, planes, ships and cars, fireworks, bikes, Meccano and other construction outfits, books, pedal cars and every toy you could think of. I have Hobbyco catalogues for June 1950 (the first?), January 1956 and January 1958. There's no mention of Bilda-brix in the 1950 edition, but the 1956 and 1958 editions contain similar entries, as follows.

A simpler type set for Junior. [In comparision to Bayko which appears beforehand!]
No. 1 Complete Set........................28/11 [$2.89]
No. 2 Complete Set........................69/11 [$6.99]
No. 1A Conversion Set 1-2.............42/6 [$4.25]

There's no mention of the 'Junior' Set in either catalogue. So we know that the regular sets were sold AT LEAST during the 1956 to 1958 period in Australia. There's no mention in later Hobbyco catalogues of the 1960s.

You can find a full page Australian Women's Weekly advertisement here from around Christmas, 1953.
 http://vivatvintage.tumblr.com/post/3851331443/santa-suggests-bilda-brix-christmas-1953 Thanks, Sonia!    


Above is the 'Bilda-brix Junior set box top.
Photos of the box sides of the number 1 set appear below.  
Next come details of the system, taken from the catalogue.  

"Each half block of bricks is actually a a wall portion
that is one and a half bricks square

"Each full block of bricks is actually a wall portion that
is three brick lengths long and one and a half brick lengths wide

"Tapered block for skillion roof."

"Doors and windows have tabs at top and bottom that fit
into corresbonding slots in bricks
List of parts to be found in Set 1
Whole red blocks - 104; half red - 50; whole blocks, white - 26; red angle blocks - 20; red tapered blocks - 8; set of doors and windows; large roof; small roof; 4 supporting strips.
The support strips (2, anyway) are missing from my set.
Below is a sample model from the Set 1 construction book. A railway station suitable for 0 Gauge trains.
There were at least 4 REDS (half blocks shown)
The Tri-ang system is of a smaller scale.
FREELANCE CATHEDRAL from Elsbeth (Cropped from a photograph).
Custom templates for this model, full size, below.
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Thanks for the No.1 parts correction, Daryl!

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