The 1950s to 1970s; Bankstown and the Western Suburbs, New South Wales, Australia, cars, streets and landscape. Running on Nostalgia; recollections of Bankstown.
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Above: Bankstown, looking south from Hume Highway lookout, c1961. Stacey Street just out of frame to left. Lucas Heights nuclear medical research station in the distance. 

BANKSTOWN STREETS 1970s, 1960s, 1950s

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Left: My first set of wheels - 1951.
Photo taken on Bankstown Station overpass.

Photo: Nancy Studio, 318 South Terrace., Bankstown

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In the days before television, the only invasion by foreign forces, as we kids regarded it at the time, was the Queen on her tour of NSW in 1954. Bankstown North Public School hasn't changed much in the intervening 50-plus years.

Above: 77 Sir Joseph Banks Street, c1961. Opposite our house.
Above: 1967 clip info

Liverpool Road (Hume Highway on most maps) still runs past the old 2-story brick school plus assorted outbuildings. We students if I remember rightly were assembled on the central median strip. Assorted adults, teachers, parents and local shopkeepers took up the prime position almost on the city-bound lanes as the motorcade paraded by.


Above: Looking up Sir Joseph Banks from no.74, c1967. Keith's old FJ ute, and Ted's Wolseley 1500 in which I learnt to drive.

Frank was one of those wonderful blokes long-remembered by everyone who met him. Forever cheerful and kind-hearted, he treated all of his customers as friends. Although I believe he originally lived over the shop, he later built a house further along the highway towards Chapel Road.  The biggest thrill, or scare, was obtained when descending Jacob Street while sitting at the front upstairs window of a McVicar's double-decker bus.

Below: The street was just a strip of tar in the middle with no kerbs or gutting, typical Sydney Western Suburbs!
JB on my Morris Minor "sidebasher", with a Ford Customline in the carport at no.69.

Above: Ted, JB and myself, possibly 1976

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Above: Looking down (south) Sir Joseph Banks Street, 1968.



Above: 1967, Ted's FC Holden 
prior to the  Wolseley 1500 above.
The first car I drove. clip info
Above: Same location as the previous photo. JM's Simca Vedette V8.
The old house visible at 67 (other side of the Ford) was moved to a battle-axe block at the rear.

JB and the famous HD Holden, 1967
clip info

Above: Our place, 74, in 1968. Two Holdens, 1964 EH and 1963 EJ.

Above: Bankstown's first Holden Monaro in 1968. Holden dealer (Boyded or Suttons?), Hume Highway.
Dale-Ford occupied this spot in 2001. Who's there now?

If you have photos similar to these, ones which show cars on Bankstown streets before
'The FJ Holden' movie was born, please let me know.
Snail mail address: CBandM, PO Box 781, Katoomba, NSW 2780

Thanks for the correction, Ted.

Dig out those out B/W photos taken on Bankstown and Western Suburbs houses and streets. Here's a place to show the way it was in the days of 'The FJ Holden Movie' and earlier.

Bankstown colour movie film (screen captures from 1967 and 1969) will be loaded on YouTube one day.

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